Anonymous said: How much do you love Edward?

What a silly, but easy question. From here until the end of my dashboard ;) (It goes on forever)

this is breaking dawn trailer! this is basically about you guys! have you ever heard of it?

1. Where the hell did you get these videos?

2. Those are some good editing skills, but a little creepy you would make that…

Anonymous said: What is your vavorite holiday season (like christmas) and why? and also, Have you heard that a person has made millions of the story of YOUR life?

Christmas because there is a merriness about the holiday and the family comes together (even more so) to show their love and appreciation of each other. 

kalifornia-mattedoll said: Hi Bella :), I hope you are having a lovely day. My question to you is after you have thankfully got over your ex who left you. You all of a sudden had a dream about them last night that made wake up and cry for them. I asked Edward but I would love advice from you. You are what alot of girls envy lol Edward is perfect not just to you but to alot of girls eyes. Thanks and say hi to your family.

I think that sort of thing is natural, it’s natural for you to miss someone or the comfort/presence of a significant other. Don’t dwell on it. And thank you :)

askmaggie-irishcoven:  :)
Hahaha, I love it! :)

askmaggie-irishcoven:  :)

Hahaha, I love it! :)

Anonymous said: Would you ever have an affair with anyone and cheat on Edward, like Jacob? Do you still have those kinds of feelings for Jacob, like romantic feelings?

I would never. And no, all of those feelings are gone now, he’s just my best friend.

Anonymous said: Are you mad at Edward for ever considering that for you and Jacob?

No, I understood where he was coming from. 

Anonymous said: How do you feel when Jacob said that he wanted to get rid of Nessie once she was born, but now has imprinted on her?

At the time, I was very angry about it.

Anonymous said: Did you get mad when Edward told you that he had asked Jacob to have ''puppies'' with you?

Not necessarily, no. I know he was just trying to do whatever possible to make sure I lived, I couldn’t begrudge him that.

Anonymous said: does edward ever call you "baby"?

Sometimes. :)